About Us

Welcome to God’s Country Camouflage LLC.
The new home of all your favorite Faith based camouflage patterns, products and designs. The God’s Country Camouflage patterns were created in 2004 for by “The guys from Idaho”... Hunting Attractions. Randy, Kurt and Chris created The Late Season, Early Season and Avalanche patterns that were not only a hit with hunters...but anyone else, who wanted to share their Faith and love of the outdoors. Over the years the patterns have been used on everything from Bibles, to T-Shirts, to Hats, to Hoodies, to Coolers, to Cars to firearms and Archery Products.
In 2020 God’s Country Camouflage became it’s own brand and the stand-alone God’s Country Camouflage Limited Liability Corporation was created. God’s Country Camouflage LLC is Headquartered in Falkville, Alabama and is now veteran owned and operated by a family of outdoorsmen and women. As we work to grow the God’s Country brand, our focus will be on providing high quality products and licensing agreements to folks who share our love of the outdoors and faith in God.
We look forward to providing you products that you can be proud of and we hope you will join as we look to grow and expand over line of products and licensing agreements.
- Isn’t it time to Put Some Faith in Your Camouflage?